Surprise Proposal at Franklin Park

We received a call Sunday morning from Harish who was in a bit of a situation…he was meant to fly back home to Chicago in order to propose to his girlfriend, Brittaney. An elaborate plan had been hatched but unfortunately, it was not going to happen due to bad weather in Chicago. So later on that afternoon we photographed Harish popping the question in front of the Palm House at Franklin Park Conservatory…And she said YES…! Congratulations you two! Thankfully everything worked out and it was a beautiful day with snow flurries and all!

Brittaney & Harish-11 Brittaney & Harish-12 Brittaney & Harish-15 Brittaney & Harish-27 Brittaney & Harish-31 Brittaney & Harish-53 Brittaney & Harish-59 Brittaney & Harish-70 Brittaney & Harish-85 Brittaney & Harish-88 Brittaney & Harish-99 Brittaney & Harish-110 Brittaney & Harish-122 Brittaney & Harish-126 Brittaney & Harish-156 Brittaney & Harish-161 Brittaney & Harish-196 Brittaney & Harish-207 Brittaney & Harish-218